Sit-Up Exercise

  • Introduction
  • Importing Libraries
  • Exploring the Dataset
  • Processing Dataset
  • Logistic Regression
  • Logistic Regression without sklearn
  • Logistic Regression with sklearn
  • Layer Neural Network


  • Machine Learning refers to machine learning to use big data sets instead of hardcoded rules.
  • Machine Learning allows computers to learn on their own. This type of learning takes advantage of the computing power of modern computers that can easily handle large data sets.

Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

  • Supervised Learning involves using tagged data sets with inputs and expected outputs.
    As you train an AI using supervised learning, you give it an input and say the expected output. If the output produced by AI…

  • Reorder existing data to match a new set of labels.
  • Add missing value (NA) markers to tag positions where the tag is not data.

  • Table Function Implementation: pipe ()
  • Row or Column Function Implementation: apply ()
  • Element Function Implementation: applymap ()

Table Function Implementation

Basic Functions of Series

  • axes: Returns the list of row axis tags.
  • dtype: Returns the dtype object.
  • empty: Returns false in serial empty job.
  • ndim: Returns the number of dimensions of the underlying data as definition 1.
  • size: Returns the number of basic data items.
  • values: Returns the series as ndarray.
  • head: Returns the first n lines.
  • tail: Returns the last n lines.

  • items: axis 0 corresponds to a DataFrame in each item.
  • major_axis: axis 1 is each row DataFrame.
  • minor_axis: axis 2, each column is the DataFrame.
  • data: The data takes various forms such as ndarray, serial, map, series, dict, constants and another DataFrame.
  • items: axis = 0
  • major_axis: axis = 1
  • minor_axis: axis = 2

  • Potentially columns are of different types
  • Size can be changed
  • Consists of rows and columns
  • Arithmetic operations can be done in rows and columns
  • data: The data takes various forms such as ndarray, serial, map, list, dictation, constants and other data such as DataFrame.
  • index: index is used optionally. Sets row
  • columns: Optionally used for column processing.
  • dtype: The data type of each column.
  • copy: False the default value. …

pip install pandas
  • Series
  • DataFrame
  • Panel

Dimension & Description

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